Chee Cheong Fun Club:你有最好的咖喱张昌乐趣吗?

在新加坡,只有两种类型Chee Cheong.有趣的菜肴是司空见惯的 - 当地版本用蒂姆昌(甜)棕色酱或香港设计,略带甜酱油。
这是直到2018年4月来源的,Chee Cheong Fun Club在Maxwell Food Center上设立了一场摊位。It’s one of those few stalls in Singapore offering the Malaysian KL breakfast dish of curry chee cheong fun.Launched by Malaysian-born Yong Yean Hui, now 40 (2020), she gave up her banking job after almost 10 years to begin Chee Cheong Fun Club.It is a booth that serves not just the Malaysian dish of咖喱泡芙Chee but local and some other regional variants as well.Her rice rolls would be the best thing — they are seemingly a family recipe that’s handmade to her specifications with a supplier.The dish which attracts all the attention is that her KL Famous Curry CCF ($4) which uses a soft-textured rice roll that is well slick but yet still holds together.

Paknam Krabi海产品:用ngoh河界,tau kee(炒豆腐皮肤)和肉丸,炒海氏(干豆)和芝麻籽,芝麻籽会给盘子添加一个漂亮的碎片。

They’ve a lcal variant of the of dish — SG Special Laksa CCF ($4) — which utilizes laksa gravy as the base and boiled egg, fishballs and tau kee for toppings.The tastes of the curry and laksa dishes are comparable using the Laksa CCF having less of a savoury punch, more coconut creaminess and laksa leaf (daun kesum) flavour in the flavor.

在真理中,差异有点轻微涉及Laksa以及咖喱。在Laksa CCF中有一些蛤蜊和鸟蛤味,可以将它与咖喱CCF.HONERIGHT的区别在这里 - 可能是一个较大的笑容 - 他们的基本街般的CHEE CHEENG FUN DISHES用红色,黑色或芝麻酱,因为它们使用不同的稻米卷他们的咖喱菜肴。
It’s firmer, more gummy and plump with a great deal of bounce.It is the kind of rice roll which is hard to find at any given chee cheong fun stall in Singapore and it is worth travelling with this stall simply to try out this.The traditional Black Sauce CCF ($2.50) is equally as good as how you would find it with a nice middle-ground consistency and with some sprinkled sesame seeds but it is overlooking that extra dash of sesame seed oil that chee cheong fun stalls in Singapore throw .

The Traditional Red Sauce CCF ($2.50) looks like the sauce you’d find in yong tau foo stalls in Singapore but here it’s lighter colored and not as strong in flavour.Their version is like the black sauce variant but albeit a bit sweeter and less savoury. Again, its overlooking that additional dash of sesame seed oil for worse or better.Oddly enough, a sprinkling of sesame seed oil is whatyou’ll find on their Exclusive Sesame Sauce CCF ($2.80) and it adds a nice oil richness to the flavor.